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St. Anthony Foundation campaign leader

On Friday, February 14, 2014, Senator Loni Hancock introduced SB 1029, a bill to allow individuals previously convicted of a nonviolent drug felony, who meet all other eligibility rules, to receive basic needs services, employment training and work supports through the CalWORKs and CalFresh programs, provided that they are complying with the conditions of their release, or have successfully completed their probation or parole.

St. Anthony Foundation serves many people who have paid their debt to society, have been released from jail or prison, and are working hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. As these people work to get their lives back on track, they face barriers in finding employment, housing, and keeping food on the table. We know that access to work supports and basic needs grants through the CalWORKs program and nutrition assistance through the CalFresh program can help former offenders achieve a successful transition back into their communities. That's why we support SB 1029 - because we believe that our communities will be safer and stronger when people who have served their time and are now playing by the rules have the help they need in order to be successful.

SB 1029 will be heard by the Senate Human Services Committee on April 8, 2014. Now is the time to let our California elected officials know that the community supports this bill.

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