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Our response to Ghirardelli's letter (4/4)

Continued from Part 3

Do you need talking points for your neighbors and friends?:

  1. We’re glad Ghirardelli’s cocoa is traceable but that doesn’t mean that farmers are treated well.
  2. Ghirardelli's third party verification isn’t really objective since the NGO, Source Trust, which traces the cocoa, is owned by the trading company, Armajaro the buyer of the cocoa beans.
  3. The community investment (social premium) is only $30 per ton mandated by the Ghanian Government for traceable cocoa versus the $200 per ton set by Fair Trade.
  4. This social premium focuses on increasing yield, a benefit for the company rather than on the democratically determined needs of the community and the farmers. 

Now that you know the Fair Trade facts, get your friends to take action with you urging Ghirardelli to put a Fair Trade label on it!

Together, we will get Ghirardelli Chocolate to put a Fair Trade label on it!

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