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Our response to Ghirardelli's letter (2/4)

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Benefits of Fair Trade Certification
According to a study commissioned by the Cocoa Industry for the Cocoa industry (ICCO) a group called the KPMG out of the Netherlands evaluated the benefit of certification to cocoa farmers.

The overall findings were:

  • On average, farmer incomes increased $129/ton in Ivory Coast and $417/ton in Ghana after Fair Trade certification (a little more than Rainforest Alliance and UTZ.
  • Buyers benefited too with increased cocoa supplies as yields roughly doubled as a result of certification.

Child Labor
No one claims to guarantee that no children work instead of going to school. All of the certifications and the Lindt/Ghirardelli company agree to make every effort to eliminate child labor by 2020. The difference is the way they hope to do it.

Fair Trade labeled products work on a child and community centered approach to eliminating child labor. They will report, insist on transparency, work with communities and farmers to identify the issues and alternatives to bringing children into production.

Just making child labor illegal isn’t enough – you also have to make sure that families and communities are financially able to send their kids to school rather than being dependent on the income they bring in or being without child care. You have to look at both root causes as well as having a child labor policy.

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