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Mining Equipment Removed from La Puya

On March 2, 2012 courageous men and women from the communities of San Jose del Golfo and San Pedro Ayumpuc joined together in opposition to the construction of a gold mine near to their homes. Their concern is that the US-owned mining operation will negatively impact the air and water, damage crops and affect the health of their families and neighbors.

Now, as the movement approaches its second anniversary, we want to honor its members for their commitment to non-violent resistance, as well as for their success in defending human rights and the environment.

Yesterday, community members at La Puya celebrated a victory -- the removal of the mining equipment from the proposed Tambor mine site. P&F Contratistas (P&F Contractors) has decided to break its relationship with the mining company, Kappes, Cassidy & Associates (KCA), and pull out all of the trucks and heavy machinery that was left inside the mine when families began their peaceful resistance nearly two years ago.

Members of La Puya will celebrate the second anniversary of their peaceful resistance movement on March 2. Please sign and share our letter of solidarity!

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