Rob Cole
Rob Cole campaign leader

Meet Katherine Simpson from the UK, student of the Veterinary Training Camp. She graduated in 2010 and has since gained a great deal of experience in the field of neurology through an internship. She attended Veterinary Training Camp to learn how to perform spay/neuter procedures.

The first surgery Katherine was involved in was a flank spay in a nice lean dog. She was introduced to the knots that you can rely on for a successful surgery. After this Katherine found a variety of dogs and cats on the operating table in front of her. Whether they were young, deep chested, fat, pregnant, in season or slim she perfected the basic techniques that lead to a minimally invasive, efficient surgery. She was also able to apply what she has learned in surgeries such as enucleation and tail amputation.

After a week in training we are pleased that Katherine stayed a few weeks longer with us to experience life in a busy Romanian Veterinary clinic. She certainly got to practice what she had learned with the Veterinary Training camp and we look forward to sharing experiences with some medical cases.

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