Amanda Forsythe
Amanda Forsythe campaign leader

On May 10, 2013, Gypsy Nichole Reyes was brutally beat to death allegedly by her boyfriend and child's father she had broken up with. This same man brutally attacked me, Amanda Johnson Forsythe, also with a child in common in August of 2007. I was airlifted on life support and in a coma. I'm trying to pass Gypsy's Law that will make domestic abuse a felony on second offense, have mandatory jail term of 5 years after third offense, and require all domestic abusers found guilty in a court of law to register on a public data base. If this law was in effect the attacker would be serving a five year prison sentence and would have never crossed paths with Gypsy Reyes. Our attacker has numerous prior domestic violent charges in which he was found guilty. Please check out our page Gypsy's Law at Gypsy left behind two small children. I am speaking at a convention on April 9, 2014 to share our story and to try to get more support for Gypsy's Law.


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