30 donors gave $1,695 to FaithTrust Institute making Thom Chu's Birthday Wish Come True!

Thank you for taking part in my Birthday Wish campaign on Causes. There is a unique power to social fundraising because every action online gets transmitted to people in your personal sphere of friendship to share something that you care about in a very concrete way. Gifts came over a few days' time ranging from $10 to over $100, but through Causes, it's the momentum and collective result that counts, not the dollar figure, and you have demonstrated this.

If you haven't already, you can visit the Institute's website and take further actions, such as signing the National Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to Address Violence Against Women, and the Youth Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to Address Youth Relationship Violence.

Today we have demonstrated what power we have when we unite our resources in service of a common vision of a world free from sexual and domestic violence--I celebrate you and the special relationship we share, yes, even through the ether. My seven years in service to FaithTrust as its board president were some of my most joy-filled and productive and I am glad that I can continue to share my passion for this important work with you. 

In Talmud, we learn that "to save a life is to save the world." You have been part of that activity. Thank you.

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