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Haidee Swanby (*ACB) laid out the facts in parliament with a well thought out on-screen presentation. Simple and easy to understand. The committee chair, Mr Mlungisi Johnson, said that the presentation was heavily Sciency and technical. He stumbled through summarising *African Centre for Biosafety’s proposals and didn’t seem comfortable with the terminology.

How long has he been sitting on this, it is the 2nd parliamentary hearing on GMOs, should he not be familiar with the basics by now?
Even though it was open to the public, videotaping (in a private capacity) was stopped before the gov depts could do their summarized responses. Told off that "only press & house recordings allowed". The chair welcomed Abram Salamuddi, who’d arrived late, back to parliament after his bout of illness.

The diabetic 70 year old pointed out that he’d “never contracted any harm from my two bowls of pap a week”. He later criticized all departments present for not conducting their own studies, leaving a loop-hole for pro-gmo biotech to come along with their own studies saying that it is safe. He was very supportive of biotech giants and GMOs, especially in the realm of profit above all in the name of capitalist enterprise.

ACDP’s Cheryllyn Dudley brought up the futility of labeling in our current situation. Stating that it would be pointless to label if there are no facilities to test actual pesticide content. That the homogenizing nature of our mills (where gmo & non-gmo are stored and mixed up willy-nilly) adds to this labelling issue. She also questioned the fact that 2,4-D (repackaged Agent Orange) is officially banned or resticted in parts of SA, but now government is entertaining importing these crops for food & feed!!

Please be aware; 2,4-D is is cytotoxic, mutagenic and is linked to leukemia & cancers.

Haidee pointed out that SA had lost a huge tender to export non-gmo because we couldn’t deliver, and restated the fact that there are only ten companies in control of our entire maize refining process (seed sales through to milling) and asserted that SA Breweries uses non-gm.

Salmuddi and Dept Forestry and Fishing said that there were small mills, but neither specified that these were not local branches of biotech companies trading as independent contractors. Is there a record of these independent millers? Therefore there is production capacity available for non-gmo. Salmuddi suggesting that government should look into expanding this area.

Please note; commodity approvals for import of 2,4-D crops have been granted in Australia, New Zealand, Japan & South Africa, yet there are no approvals for cultivation anywhere in the world!

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