Update #3 ·

Five Valiant Fighters

Five kitties are very sick at the moment and out of those five, four are the members of the squad I initially brought to the shelter when we moved here. I knew this winter would be stressful and hard but this is entirely too much!

Kmeca has been losing weight for some time now, she's never been a completely healthy kitty in the first place. A visit to the vet revealed that my charming vampire girl has dangerous renal papillary necrosis, kidney stones, sand, plus liver and duct bile problems. Her gums are inflamed, she has a nasty wound on her tongue and some unidentified mass in her colon. There's also evidence of some viral disease being present and her white blood cell count is unusually high.  She has become bone skinny and her kidney functions are seriously compromised. She is currently under treatment and eating special food, but I can’t say I don’t fear the outcome.

Frca is extremely skinny as well, she may have a pancreatic disease and is being given Creon, vitamins and special food, but she is frail and as light as a feather and it’s questionable if she will manage to bounce back. For now, I guess we’ll just have to take it one day at a time with her…

Marka, the oldest cat in the shelter, has some bone and joint problems of the elderly, which is not a surprise considering she is over 18. When her condition is painful she refuses to eat, but her appetite is normal when she is feeling better. She can’t eat anything except special canned food as her teeth are in bad shape. They can't be pulled as the risk of putting her under general anesthesia is simply too high.

Kus Kus is having gum problems again (it has been happening to him on and off for years now) and he is also under treatment. He was in major crisis almost two years ago but he still hangs on bravely, maintaining his dignity.  

Njanja is still under antibiotic treatment, his fur looks a little better but he is very skinny even though his appetite is good and his behavior is unchanged.

Circumstances have reached emergency level! Please, consider donating whatever you possibly can to help these amazing felines recover! Every donation, no matter the size, makes a world of difference in the lives of these valiant furry fighters! On their behalf, thank you in advance!

PayPal button: http://catshelter-felix.com/ and http://novisadcats.blogspot.com/

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