Update #12 ·

That was awesome!

Wow - The Blood Drive and Rally on Sunday was a huge success! 

The sun was shining and our energy was overflowing as we rallied together for a group photo to "Raise a hand to #EndtheBan"

Through the blood drive and national media attention from Huffington Post and Upworthy, our campaign gathered 2,000 new supporters! 

To those who are new to the campaign - Welcome!

And thank you to everyone for participating in our rally and twitterstorm this weekend! 

We are so thrilled to see our community grow. Will you help us keep up the momentum by inviting your friends to join?

Thank you! 

How you can help

When Blake went to donate blood for his friend Emmy (who has sickle cell anemia) he was turned away because he is gay. That's when he and and his partner Brett decided to do something about it.   At first thought the FDA's policy that bans gay men from donating blood appears to discriminate against a small minority of citizens. In reality, it affects not just those targeted by the…

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta is the Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN, and his voice is well respected throughout the medical community.  With a specialized knowledge of HIV/AIDS and an awareness of the blood shortages in the US, Gupta must recognize that lifting the gay blood ban would not only help to save lives, but would also put an end to a discriminatory policy. The American Red Cross, the…

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Every 2 seconds someone needs a blood transfusion. By making this pledge you are going to help save lives.  While gay and bisexual men are BANNED for donating blood, it is incredibly powerful to have eligible donors donate blood in our place. By donating blood for a gay and bisexual man you are also supporting LGBT equality and calling for an end of the Gay Blood Ban.  While donating blood be…

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