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This is an excerpt from "The Virginian", by Owen Wister. I've never forgotten it: ""This hyeh is a mighty cruel country," pursued the Virginian. "To
animals that is. Think of it! Think what we do to hundreds an' thousands
of little calves! Throw 'em down, brand 'em, cut 'em, ear mark 'em, turn
'em loose, and on to the next. It has got to be, of course. But I say
this. If a man can go jammin' hot irons on to little calves and slicin'
pieces off 'em with his knife, and live along, keepin' a kindness for
animals in his heart, he has got some good in him. "
Keeping a kindness in our hearts...functioning as kindly as possible in a cruel world, where we know we sometimes take too much from life in support of our own...helps us to remain human. Cruel life AND cruel death are really insupportable, with no genuine profit to anyone; though cash speaks Too Loudly sometimes.
Mr. Bresky, I pray you have a truly Good life :) Do the right thing by those from whom you profit, man and beast alike, and keep it in mind that you do, and enjoy the fact.
Bailey McKay


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