Amanda Beckwith
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This is my little boy Buddy. We rescued him about a year and a half ago and he's just changed our lives and filled us with so much love. He was found running on a highway in New Hampshire. He only weighed 35 lbs (he was fully grown at the same size he is now and his healthy weight is about 65lbs - just for some perspective). You could see all of his ribs, he had cuts all over him, and a broken tail. We hadn't even planned to get a dog that day but when we saw him in the shelter, fearful and cowering in the corner, we knew we had to bring him home. It's hard to imagine now, because he is the happiest pittie in the whole world, but he was so nervous and afraid when we first brought him home. He has given us a family. Every day he greets us with smiles and every night he snuggles under the covers between my fiancé and I. He's just perfect. A true example of what a pitbull really is: the world's most gentle giant. This breed is beautiful and loving. They are remarkably resilient and love humans even after experiencing torture by human hands. Buddy is nothing but an innocent creature full of love. Buddy is the biggest blessing I've ever been given and he's a reminder to me every day that pure goodness exists. He's my angel.



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