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Birds and the Bees

Check out this video of bee-friendly activists swarming a Home Depot store in the Chicago area. They wore costumes, brought valentines and cupcakes. And then they proceeded to die. Which is exactly what bees will continue to do, unless we convince stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s to stop selling garden plants that attract bees—only to kill them.

Campaign closed

The EPA is letting the chemical companies get away with murder. For years, the agency has done nothing to stop Bayer and Monsanto, the leading bee-killers.  Now, the EPA is considering petitions from Dow and Syngenta to expand and increase the use of two insecticides, sulfoxaflor and thiamethoxam. Both belong to the neonicotionid class of pesticides implicated in the mass die-off of bees, known…

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