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Its been a little slow due to some selfish souls ruining our live stream sessions, but that doesn't mean we stop promoting throughout all SOCIAL MEDIA!! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, the list seems endlist! So please, do NOT forget to post this page out to your social media sites!! The best thing you can do, especially if you can't donate, is to just spread the word! The more people that hear about the charity makes them aware of future charities as well!

So please, post this out if possible! 

"My gaming buddies, @MrsViolence @KatContii and @JennyPina are raising money/awareness for Breast Cancer! Show them your generosity with a donation or simply share it around! All who donate are entered to win gaming swag from @GunnarOptiks @Razer @KontrolFreek and @LootCrate!" 


Can't thank you all enough for how amazing you've been so far! The pictures, stories, weekly gaming sessions, they all add up in my heart and it's super FULL and only gaining more room! <3

Check this video out! Last night: 2/20/2014, Our buddies Dachucky, MachineGunrunner, and Abnormal_Ben donated enough to see @KatContii and I pop 3 SOUR WARHEADS at once! It was super SUPER Sour and it even made me shed tears! Check out the video highlight here: http://www.twitch.tv/mrsviolence/c/3763808

See you all M-F- here: Twitch.tv/Mrsviolence - 5 or 6 PM ---> 1 or 2 AM PST! <3

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