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“E.U. CITIZENS WITH NO FRONTIERS” is a project in the context of Europe for citizens program, Action 2, Measure 3, Support to projects Initiated by civil society organizations.

Explore and highlight the most common obstacles to living, working or studying in another country
Record the fears and hesitations of the European citizens
Open a dialogue between the participating countries on how to overcome the obstacles and open a safe way for European citizens to transmigration
Create a European mobility culture by informing European citizens for their free movement rights

In the project 13 organizations from 13 different European countries met in Greece in 9-11 September 2013 to plan their actions that included:

-local researches on good practices and problems related to European mobility

-distribution of questionnaires in their country for exploring the reasons that citizens hesitate to move abroad

-organizing focus groups and local campaign

-an international conference in Athens in 20-22 January 2014 during which partners presented the results of their researches, discussed the problems and looked for solutions leading to a joint policy action which was reflected on a common Declaration of European Mobility

-a transnational webportal informing EU citizens about their rights of free movement within Europe, the services offered in the participating countries, the Solvit centers, ECAS services, Eures and other sources for finding job or educational opportunities abroad

-a video with the participants opinions on the problems concerning mobility, the responsible bodies to take action and the importance of the Declaration for their country, creating a DVD.

In the context of the aforementioned project, the participants created the Declaration of European Mobility.

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