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Outrage! NSA Considers Expanding Phone Tapping Program


I have some shocking news to report!

In response to the recent lawsuit by Senator Rand Paul and the ACLU, the NSA is considering expanding its extensive database of phone records in an effort to protect itself against the suit.

The NSA’s decision is concerning considering the basis of the lawsuit was to release the phone records that the suit alleges were collected illegally. The NSA’s response is adding fuel to an ongoing debate of the protection of people’s personal information.

According to the Wall Street Journal

The government is considering enlarging the National Security Agency's controversial collection of Americans' phone records—an unintended consequence of lawsuits seeking to stop the surveillance program, according to officials.

A number of government lawyers involved in lawsuits over the NSA phone-records program believe federal-court rules on preserving evidence related to lawsuits require the agency to stop routinely destroying older phone records, according to people familiar with the discussions. As a result, the government would expand the database beyond its original intent, at least while the lawsuits are active.”

The NSA’s choice to expand their phone collection is a violation of public trust and a declaration of war on behalf of the NSA and its allies in the Obama administration. Coming off the heels of The Day We Fight Back this shows just how out of touch our elected officials have become. Allowing our constitution to be trampled on and the rights of innocent civilians to be destroyed is something we cannot - and will not - stand for.

This is why I am going to collect the results of our survey that I shared with you yesterday and launch the next chapter of our campaign.

We will come together stronger and more determined than ever!

Stay tuned…

The fight is far from over!

For Freedom,


Campaign closed

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Call your Elected Officials Today! As we speak hundreds of millions of pieces of personal information and data are being collected by the NSA without cause or consent. The NSA has been illegally tracking your phone calls, text messages, and emails in direct violation of your privacy and the Constitution. In an effort to fight back several lawmakers have sponsored legislation known as the USA…

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