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Justina Pelletier, 15, was kidnapped by Boston Children’s Hospital over a year ago.
The only contact she's allowed to have with her family is one (MONITORED) 20 minute phone call every Tuesday & a one-hour (SUPERVISED) visit each Friday. She was allowed mail until staff caught her writing messages in small handwriting underneath the fold of a flap in cards. Her punishment for trying to communicate secretly was what the hospital calls “behavioral modification". Justina calls it "torture". Please sign this petition & help by being her voice & the voice of the many others that we don't know about. Because the family has been speaking to the media & have created a website,, the court issued a gag order on her family. Her father continues to speak out & will now be facing "contempt of court" charges. Google "Massachusetts Department of Children and Families" & you will be horrified. Unlicensed social workers & lots of children dying in the state's custody. We need to put an end to over-controlling government agencies & the thugs that they employ.

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