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No GMOs. No Nonsense. No Kidding.

When it comes to GMOs (genetically modified organisms), Sundance Natural Foods couldn’t be more clear about its policy. No new product known to contain GMOs will ever make it onto the store’s shelves. And any product suspected of containing GMOs will be removed, unless the manufacturer can verify the product’s non-GMO status.

The Eugene, Ore.-based store’s no-nonsense approach to non-GMOs stems from a phrase that Sundance’s grocery manager and GMO expert James Mattravers says is the store’s source of inspiration and guidance: “Individuals nourishing community nourishing individuals.”

GMOs? They don’t nourish people or community. So they’re out.

Sundance Natural Foods is located at the southern end of the Willamette Valley, home to what Mattravers describes as “some of the best certified organic farms and farmers in the country.” Sundance does all it can to support the region’s local farms and farmers. And in turn, consumers reward the store with their loyalty.

For its hard-and-fast stance against GMOs, and its commitment to local farms and consumer education, Sundance earned a spot on OCA’s list of Top Right to Know “Diligent Dozen."

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