Teresa Belsky
Teresa Belsky campaign leader

We need more signatures on this END HUMAN TRAFFICKING campaign.
By reading this and signing it, you are supporting the Ending of Human Trafficking Worldwide and you are Educating yourself with the Issues of Human Trafficking. Choose Healthy Masculinity. Speak Out! Educate!
MEN need to be separated into PROTECTORS and PERPS. Then the PROTECTORS need to manly re-educate the PERPS on how to behave and TREAT Women and Children, both Boys and Girls with respect.

One by one they took them down.
One by One we will stand them back up!
Let's support the victims turning into survivors.
Show some empathy.

THESE ARE ALL HUMANS. Men and Women / Ladies and Gentlemen, let LOVE prevail!
Please walk think choose and act in GOD's LIGHT.

"Some Woman Named Teresa in Nebraska"
Human Trafficking Survivor, Advocate and Human Trafficking Therpist (2015)
Women and Children Affected by Internet Crimes.

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