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If we as a society, wish to provide our children with schools
where they can learn in an environment that is actually conducive to learning then we must create the kind of schools that will make them feel safe and secure! If we don’t make this a national priority, then we will fail as a Nation. Schools are the foundation for any Nation’s progress and its resources to meet the needs of its people! Our children are the future of our Country. We must provide them with the very best schools that inspire them and nurture their gifts not schools that instill fear in them and deter them from attending and learning. We have a moral obligation to provide our children with the best education that we can give them and a sense of hope about their lives that no matter what background that they come from, they can achieve their dreams!

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Thank you for your interest and support in creating safe schools!  Start taking action now by pledging that every child and educator should have access to safe schools. Every pledge is another voice rising up in support of our children, our schools, and our future.  Your commitment today is needed in 3 key areas:  1. Stand Up For Safe Schools Stand up to create violence free schools that…

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Prisoners in the United States are protected from corporal punishment, but all of our school children are not? In fact, striking another person is also banned in the military and mental hospitals. But it's completely legal in public schools in 19 states. The effects of corporal punishment in schools are alarming. It perpetuates child abuse and teaches children to solve problems through physical…

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I am Claire Lancaster and I am one of many concerned parents and taxpayers living in Marion County, Florida where in April 2013 the School Board voted to reinstate corporal punishment after we had successfully banned paddling 3 years earlier. Our children are our future and we all want what's best for them, so I have been researching corporal punishment.  Is it a good thing?  Will paddling our…

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