Kevin Hoffman
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Direct TV took $1,100 out of my account without authorization! We never signed anything for a bank draft, etc. We used our debit card one time to pay a bill and they kept our info on file. We dropped them after receiving a $400 bill. We never got any collection calls or bills only a box to return equipment. 3 months after they closed the account they hit our bank account for $1,100 unauthorized! After we had been with them for two years they offered a free upgrade they failed to inform us that it was not free and there would be an additional two year contract. They canceled our service Dec. 2013. They took the money Feb. 11 2014. When we contacted them and talked with various supervisors they admitted fault but said we didn't read the fine print on the contract that said if we cancel before the two years is up they can use our bank card info for the full amount due. We did not see this on a contract or we would not have signed it. They said sorry there is not anything we can do! I have terminal cancer and four children. I live on disability not by choice but by circumstance. I depend on this money to pay my bills and they did not get paid this month due to this.

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