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More Facts....

6. The defense for Sirvoris had subpoenaed the tow truck driver who told detectives that he had towed a white Dynasty to the Holiday Inn where the accused was staying. This car was believed to be the get-away car. This person was a crucial part of Sirvoris’s defense because he could have testified to and verified whether or not Sirvoris was or was not one of the three men he claimed to have met when he towed the Dynasty to the hotel on the night of the murders. The defense requested a continuance until this person could be located, but Judge Quinlan denied this request claiming that this man’s testimony was without merit since he did not witness the murder.  

7. The defense requested that a policeman who was a witness for the state be kept under oath for further questions to impeach his testimony. The request was granted by Judge Quinlan, but when the policeman was called upon by the defense, he was not available. The defense requested a continuance until the policeman would be available, but Judge Quinlan denied this request. Since the policeman was not available, the defense requested to use the original police report submitted by the officer, but this request, too, was denied.   

8. This District Attorney withheld crucial evidence that consisted of false identification (birth certificates and driver’s license) both bearing the name and photograph of the prosecution’s star witness, Vivian Curtis. The defense argued that this evidence was not recorded in the evidence room and thus called for a mistrial. Judge Quinlan denied this request as well. He told the defense that the evidence was in the evidence room, so defense must have overlooked it.   

9. In an evidentiary hearing on February 24, 1992, Detective Marco Demma said twice during questioning in this hearing that there is NO EVIDENCE against Sirvoris. So if that is the case, how was he even brought to trial?   

10. Finally, and more importantly, after many hours of searching and investigating material in this case, a receipt, for a movie rented, from the night of the murder shows my son was in his room when the murder was committed. It was introduced at an evidentiary hearing on May 1, 2007. Sirvoris’s trial counsel, Robert Pastor testified that he did not investigate my son’s alibi because he did not feel the District Attorney had any evidence that would convict my son.

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