Update #4 ·

Some facts about this case that should be mentioned...

1. A speedy trial was granted but elapsed four times before a trial took place.  

2. Two suspects, who happen to be white, were not arrested after they turned over $2800.00 to the detectives. This fact was never mentioned in the trial and the money was confiscated but could never be found and was never part of the evidence during trial.  

3. The star witness for the state, a white co-defendant, testified under oath and corroborated the defense’s claim for his reason for being in New Orleans, which was to participate in a martial arts tournament. For her testimony, the co-defendant, received a 30 month sentence, credit for time served and was released March 8, 1993, even though she was initially being charged with First Degree Murder. Upon her arrest in Georgia, she was found to be in possession of many different false identification cards (of both her and Max Steele), many different false birth certificates (of both her and Max Steele), phone numbers to high ranking officials, a shed full of ammunition (which matched the ammunition used the night of the murder), and other equipment used to complete the task for which Sirvoris is serving a life sentence. 

4. The star witness for the state, a white co-defendant, also admitted under oath to previously shooting the murder weapon.  

5. The jury was prejudiced against the defendant after the jury was shown photographs of Sirvoris in a nightclub in Georgia. The defense requested a mistrial, but Judge Patrick Quinlan refused, and simply instructed the jury to disregard the photos. These pictures were used as an attempt to demonize my son’s character as being a drug dealer. 

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