Update #1 ·

Ecuador Calling

A few weeks ago, I received an email from what apparently seemed like the Ecuadorian President's office but am awaiting confirmation from my contacts at the Ecuador Embassy whether that is actually the case. If so, I will be able to take this petition to them when they write to me. 

I really believe we should all, individually or as a group write a letter to the world governments, asking them to put positive pressure on the Ecuadorian government in order to keep the oil in the ground and resort to other ways to generate income for the country.

I have thought of an exciting way to raise funds for the Huaorani tribe in the Amazon through a rainforest charity that have confirmed they are on board. I will reveal all soon...

It's been a long road but I am seeing some progress. In the mean time, please share this campaign with anyone and everyone you know and let's reach our goal!!


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