Update #71 ·

Film Scoring is still the backbone of Hollywood and California is still the Queen of Music. Saluting the Golden State Pops Orchestra Steven Allen Fox & Richard Kraft super agent to composers!

Steven Allen Fox and the Golden State Pops Orchestra had three standing ovations last night! The music of Elmer Bernstein elevated the audience and took us on a journey through the history of film scoring from Cecil B. DeMille and The TenCommandments to John Landis and Animal House, to a brilliant piece conducted by son Peter Berstein of Ghost Busters, and a wonderful tribute to the score of To Kill A Mockingbird! Classic Hollywood Filmscoring underscored how important it is to Bring More Recording To Los Angeles and to Bring Hollywood Home! A well deserved 3 standing ovations! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_B._DeMille ending with The Ten Commandments was just amazing! Richard Kraft's wonderful story of meeting Elmer Bernstein when he was just 11 years old and his own journey to become a top agent for film composer in Hollywood was the icing on the cake at the Warner Brothers Grand Theater in San Pedro! Bravo. Thanks Linda Grimes and Fred Allen for inviting us to dinner and the after reception for GSPO!   Please sign our petition to www.bringhollywoodhome.org and get involved with the legislative solutions we will present in Sacramento this year to keep production and post production in our golden state.  Sharon Hardee Jimenez founder/president Bring Hollywood Home Foundation a California 501 C 4 fighting to keep production, post production in the film, TV, commercial & music industries in our state. 


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