Update #2 ·

New legislation to end the discrimination

For the last two months I've been working with legislators to draft the new legislation to put an end to the discrimination against our veterans. The bill is done but the legislative session is running out of time. I need your help one more time. I need anyone and everyone to call the Oregon Senate and House leaders and ask for this legislation to be sent to the floor. The law is written and ready. But we need a show of support for them to know it needs to go to the floor. If we don't get enough calls this bill will die and the suffering of our veterans will continue.

Get SB 1505 Passed to stop veteran discrimination. Call the House and Senate leaders. By joining the event you've made the calls. The deadline is Friday the 21st. You can even call and just leave a message on the machine.

All you need to say is you want SB 1505 sent to the floor and passed this session.

Senate Leader - Peter Courtney - 503-986-1600
House Leader - Tina Kotek - 503-986-1200

Join the Face book event. Down load the language of the bill, share or read stories of how you have been discriminated against and get support. Invite all your friends and family nad together we can make a difference.


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