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Only a month left to bring interactive knowledge building to students

Lift, Drag, Thrust, Velocity and Gravity can be tough concepts to grasp, that is until students become an albatross that can spread its wings and fly. Players can fully explore the world with challenges, flight lessons and hidden loots to customize their albatross. On Educade, teachers can create interactive lesson plans using Aero to help their classes understand flight and gravity.

Thank you for joining the Educade cause. Since October we have reached over 18,000 individual pledges and continue to look for support. AT&T’s donation match program will be ending soon and we are reaching out to drive the campaign successfully home. Educade.org has impacted students, parents, and teachers alike, but there is much more to be done. With your generous contribution, educators have the opportunity to bring the knowledge, lesson plans, and activities to where it is needed most: the students. 

Watch this video to better understand how Aero is helping students learn mechanics and science: http://vimeo.com/53889603

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