Kareem Khan is free!

Dear Friends, 

What a great way to start off Valentine's Day, with a message from Kareem Kahn’s lawyers that he has been released by the Pakistani police and is now free! Kareem’s lawyer at the Foundation for Fundamental Rights (our hosts during the 2012 CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan) relayed this message to us from him:

"When I was picked up I thought I would never see my family again, that I would never be free again because of all the stories I have heard about disappeared people. Now that I have been released and have seen the news, the efforts of activists, I know it is because of them that I am free, and I would like to thank them.”

We would like to extend huge thanks to each one of you who made a difference by taking action: by signing our petition, contacting the Pakistani embassy and the State Department, staging actions, participating in our Twitterstorm, spreading the news far and wide, and more.

We generated enough international outrage that it actually forced the Pakistani government to release Kareem!

Even after his harrowing experience of being kidnapped, interrogated, and tortured, Kareem is still planning to go ahead with his trip to meet parliamentarians in Europe later this week to tell his story. 

It’s terrible that Kareem and his family had to suffer so much for simply trying to get out the truth about the deaths of their loved ones to a US drone strike. We’re inspired by Kareem’s perseverance and more committed than ever to grounding the killer drones! Thank you for taking action. 

Onward toward a drone-free world,   
Alli, Cayman, Janet, Jodie, Kate, Katie, Lisa, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Sara, Sergei, and Tighe

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