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Technology + Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for your incredible response to our end-of-the-year update on Nathan, who spent his earliest days in an Embrace warmer and is now thriving. Nathan exemplifies what our amazing Co-Founder Jane Chen has called “technology powered by love.” Both the life-saving technology of the Embrace warmer and the life-giving love of his caretakers have been inextricable components of his remarkable progress.

Nathan also exemplifies the incredible potential of the Embrace warmer to level the playing field for low birth weight and premature infants around the world. Over 98% of newborn deaths occur in developing countries. The World Health Organization has estimated that 75% of these deaths could be prevented with simple, inexpensive interventions.

In developed countries like the US, we often take these kinds of life-saving interventions for granted. When a newborn is hypothermic, they are typically placed in an incubator in the NICU. That’s what happened to my own son, Leo. Because we had access to this technology, Leo quickly grew healthy and strong. But if my son or I had been born elsewhere in the world, that wouldn’t necessarily have been the case.

Leo and Nathan were born at the same time, but in two different worlds. When they finally had the chance to meet last fall, I was transfixed by the simple sight of these two toddlers playing together with blocks on the floor. I thought of my son inside the incubator and of Nathan (then known as “Baby Long”) inside the Embrace warmer. Because of these technologies, and the people who power them, both of these beloved boys have a lifetime full of potential ahead.


Erin O'Donohue

Executive Director, Embrace

PS. Will you help us bring technology + love to thousands more low birth weight and premature infants this year?

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