Update #15 ·

This one thing could save her life

Caseworker Emmanuel Lartey has the power to make a decision on Aderonke’s asylum application. 

Will you call Emmanuel now and ask him to approve the application immediately?

If you are in the UK:

·         Call: 020 8760 8700

If you are NOT in the UK:

·         Send Emmanuel an email here: [email protected]

Here’s what you can say for either message:

“Dear Mr. Lartey, I urge you to approve Aderonke Apata’s application for asylum into the UK, regardless of the Home Office's controversial belief that she need to prove her sexuality. If Aderonke is sent back to Nigeria she will be imprisoned - if not sentenced to a horrible death. Her life is in your hands. Grant Aderonke asylum now. 


Your Name”

Once you make the call click here to confirm.

Thank you for taking this moment to stand up for Aderonke, 

Apata Ronnie

Movement for Justice


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