Obama includes disabled workers in his executive order to raise the minimum wage

Yesterday President heard us and took a huge step in workplace equality for disabled workers.

After pressure to not leave out disabled workers in his executive order to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors, President Obama signed into law an order that includes ALL federal contract workers! 

Here's a brief statement from the White House:

"Under current law, workers whose productivity is affected because of their disabilities may be paid less than the wage paid to others doing the same job under certain specialized certificate programs. Under this Executive Order, all individuals working under service or concessions contracts with the federal government will be covered by the same $10.10 per hour minimum wage protections."

This is a great victory for workplace equality and we should take today to celebrate it, but we're not done until this workplace equality is granted to ALL disabled workers, not just federal contractors.


Now we are using this momentum to continue to pressure the Obama Administration to reform the sections in the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)that continue to allow companies like Pizza Hut, Holiday Inn, and Goodwill to pay disabled workers below minimum wage.

Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone for stepping up for workplace equality!

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