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Thank You! The Fight is Far From Over!


I wanted to take a minute of your time to thank you for coming together yesterday.  The Day We Fight back was a tremendous moment for the movement and will go down in history. 

Without you this was simply not possible!

The numbers were astonishing.  The Day We Fight Back was featured on over 5,000 websites, generated 84,000 calls, and 172,000 were emails sent while our petition here on Causes reached over 25,000 signatures! 

In addition to the tremendous online success Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has filed suit against the NSA in what will surly become a landmark case against mass surveillance.  

Thanks to your hard work the fight will continue.

We must continue to use this momentum to help pass the USA Freedom Act.  

That is why I am personally asking you to continue the fight and join me in pressuring our elected officials to pass this important bill.

Please call your Senator today and demand that they vote Yes on the USA Freedom Act. 

Call your Senator today: (202) 224-3121

Please continue to share this campaign with your friends and family and ask them to call their senators as well.

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of continuing this fight. 

Throughout the coming weeks I will be coming to you with other ideas and ways to fight back.  This is just the beginning! 

Thanks again for your continued support!

For Freedom,


Campaign closed

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