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Please help me make some noise by calling WI State Senate Office....Thx

Hello All,

I am facing another court date March 4th to gain custody of my mother and to remove this abusive guardian out of her life. This judge still have issues of knowing what the real problem is in this case. She is more focus of this man not paying the state money on behalf of my mother then the abuse he is doing on a daily basis. My mother still remains in a group home after a year being there. The owner of the group home no longer wants my mother in her home because the abuser has now abuse other disable residence and the staff that takes care of my mother. It seems like no one can put a stop to his abusive action nor this judge. So I need you help! Please help me to make continue calls to Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor. There is a line for constituents compliants. Please make your frustration know about the Judge Jane V. Carroll behavior in the case and my mother's abuser. Thank you all so much. State Senate #(608-266-5533)

P.S. My mother name is Willie J. Riley.

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