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Join The Nancy Lockhart Show As WE Discuss The Case of #TheLittleGirl Raped At 2 Years of Age

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The Nancy Lockhart Show - Little Girl Raped At 2 Years of Age

A 2 year old little girl was raped and tortured in Athens, Georgia. The police have done nothing to make arrests of the two men who raped and tortured her. She has since been adopted into a loving home but, her biological mother and biological grand mother should be held accountable. We feel that the rape and tortured took place over an extended period of time 6 years ago. #TheLittleGirl's counselors have agreed that she needs arrests for recovery. Visit her website and learn about the story.                                    (www.wedemandjustice.org) Invite others to sign this petition by re posting and talking about the case.  https://www.causes.com/campaigns/71090-obtain-an-investigation-the-department-of-justice-div-fbi Join us on The Nancy Lockhart Show as we discuss our need for an attorney to bring about prosecutions. 
Tweet #TheLittleGirl Invite friends and family to this event. This case has been a target of media blackout. Join us on Tuesday February 11, 2014. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thenancylockhartshow/2014/02/12/2-year-old-girl-raped-in-athens-georgia-no-arrests

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