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 Updates 7/25/13

Florida Fish & Game:
Feeding of live prey to wildlife under active wildlife rehabilitation in violation of Florida Animal Cruelty laws:  

The Commission’s command staff has reviewed this matter and have consulted with the State Attorney’s  Office, Hillsborough County, and the State Attorney declined to file any formal charges for animal  cruelty stating that it was not in violation of this Florida Statute. The prey items (rabbits) are purchased  from a facility/vendor that propagates these animals as consumptive food product. These rabbits are not  intended for the pet trade industry. Big Cat Rescue uses these live prey items to hone the rehabbed  animals hunting skills and instincts for future release into the wild, an industry standard practice.


FWC has changed their regulations as per Request by BCR.  BCR is now permitted to post videos on the internet of Live Domestic Rabbits being unnecessarily tortured and killed by rehabbing bobcats.

FWC Quote:
Big Cat Rescue, has since obtained an special authorization permit from Executive Director Wiley to allow for the use of live streaming /web cams of the wildlife under the rehabilitation process.

LS Quote:
Can you please reference where the rule has been changed or amended
to allow wildlife undergoing rehab to be exhibited regarding 68A-9.006?

 FWC Quote: 1/2014
We are in the process of changing the rehabilitation rule that you are citing, we have currently remedied the situation by issuing the special permit under 68A-9.002(1).


"Live Stream internet feeds of wildlife under rehabilitation"

Before this regulation was Changed, Jamie Veronica Murdock” was issued a warning on March 17, 2011,for a violation of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006.Posting videos of wild animals in rehabilitation status.

We the Petitioners have been filing complaints since 2011 regarding the many videos that remained online despite this warning.  
FWC continually stated that the videos were not under the control of BCR when in fact they were various BCR internet accounts such as the Big Cat Rescue Website,Youtube,Viemo, Daily Motion, etc.  

The last FWC complaint response stated that:

Lieutenant George Wilson of the Internet Crime Unit will be conducting a thorough search and date collection to attempt the verify ownership and control of these web site links. To include the date and  posting of same.

However, when asking for a copy of this Report by Lt. George Wilson of the Internet Crime Unit

FWC now states the following:

Good morning Ms. Linda Sue,

This is a follow-up email in regards to the investigative report your are requesting from Lt. Wilson. I have had an opportunity to speak with Lt. Wilson and there was no additional investigation conducted.

Therefore we have no responsive records regarding your inquiry into Lt. Wilson’s report. If you have any additional questions regarding public records please feel free to contact me at (850) 488-6553.  

Thank you,   Kaitlyn McCown

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