Update #5 ·

More and More Freedom for the Murderer!!

Since my last update, the murderer gain 6 months of day parole (unsupervised), not having to return to the "jail", but to a half-way house each night...this was in June 1013. I just recently found out, after the decision was made, that he was granted an additional 6 months of the same situation! We had no say in the matter, we didn't even know in order to voice our opinion! He still has 18 months before he is legally allowed full parole, but their, of course, legal loop-holes and he is using them. My aunt and I also just recently gave an interview to the local paper "The Telegram" to voice what we thought of the whole parole board process and his mounting freedom despite everyone- you, my family, the RNC, and even one of the two members of the parole board who were tasked with the decision making of his freedom- said no! We were sent a "reason-why" document which said he was a threat to reoffend in a domestic relationship, but as long as he continues his counselling.... It's been almost 14 years of counselling for him, if he is still a threat to women-KEEP HIM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!

Go to www.thetelegram.com to see our interview and a picture of him. The story is called "Why the hell do they let him out?"

Thank you for your continued support!!


The Courtney and Gillingham Family

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