Update #23 ·

Thankyou! NoToDogMeat has raised 300 euros so far ! and sent to Romanian Shelter


NoToDogMeat supporters are keen to support Baia Mare Shelter in N.W Romania which provides, safety, food & medical treatment (sometimes dogs are admitted with severe injuries) to 74 dogs & is entirely funded by volunteers & occasional outside help.

Sadly the shelter cannot guarantee warmth to all 74 dogs because there is not enough room indoors for them all and it's -5 degrees currently! The girls at the shelter want to build warm homes for all the dogs & take in another ...75. The cost to rent the extra land is 200 euro's per month. 

NoToDogMeat has pledged to help & would love to raise around $2,500 (€1,500 ) if we are able.

We just sent over our first 300 euros thanks to you guys. Can you help a little more! 

As a UK registered Charity all donations from UK tax payers are eligible for gift aid and overseas donors can receive a tax deductible receipt. Thank you. With the situation in Romania critical  your donation will save lives



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