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Please e mail this idiot Holst. @ the Copenhagen Zoo & tell him what an absoloute twat he us for murdering the baby Giraffe. & get his arse out of the job that he dies at that zoo....there were alternative zoos prepared to have taken the Giraffe in, but this fucking idiot killed it. Which animals is he next going to slaughter. Millions of us around the globe are trying to preserve animals from abuse & extinction, while tossers like him are doing the opposite, c& I don't want to hear a single word from prats like him about in breeding. WDF dies get thinks happening in Africa everyday when family animals are breeding,they've survived for hundreds of years.

The only breeding that needs to stop is the likes of you, Holst, we don't need scum like you on this planet,

Barry Kybird

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"SURPLUS" Giraffe named Marius  at Copenhagen Zoo. They used a BOLT gun on this baby and now will feed his meat to their carnivores.  Other Zoo's had offered to rehome the Giraffe! Around 9 am Feb 9th 2014 the Copenhagen Zoo KILLED their baby Giraffe. PLEASE PLEASE, leave a comment on their FB-page...  LINK:                                …

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