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Once tar sands enter a waterway....there is no way known to remove bitumen from the waterway; as they are heavier than water and settle to the bottom. We see evidence of this in the Kalamazoo and Yellowstone Rivers. All plant life is smothered with this toxic sludge.

It is time to mandate these carbon producers to develop Solar alternatives now.

Nuclear is NOT a viable alternative as there is no way to store the waste. We are very much aware of what happens when the nuclear facility is damaged. Fukishima is on going and is endangering the world. No MORE Nukes!

Wind is in production now; however, the land mass and t b e resources that it takes to produce the wind mills is not practical.

Fracking is really flirting with disaster!
Earthquakes...ground water being poisoned...highpressure injection of proprietary chemical solution to fracture the substrata...there is no way to predict the long term results of these acts. Will any of these Corps or their CEOs be held responsible for the atrocities committed to the land in the name of profit?

Mountain top removal is destroying the landscape...leveling a whole mountain range. Destroyin the lives of people that have lived in that area for generations. Long term effects of burning coal we are aware of...yet we continue to destroy the land and the atmosphere.

We have to have a mandate imposed on the Corporations that have been receiving oil and gas subsidizes and been making record profits from exploiting public lands . A Mandate that says Carbon producers profits
have to be used to develop SOLAR COLLECTORS FOR EVERY BUILDING IN THIS COUNTRY. We have to have a new power grid. They have to be Penalized for shipping profits off shore
and Not reinvestin in this country. The country that has facilities the carbon producers to make the largest profits in human history.


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