No Paw Behind
No Paw Behind campaign leader

Miami Dade Animal Services has a reputation around the world for the cruel treatment of shelter pets in their care. Ms. Johnston spent the last three years working there speaking out publicly for the pets in need, saving thousands of lives by telling their stories and now the county has eliminated her position to keep her silent.
Many of us know her simply as JJ. We know her as the person whose name is mentioned on almost every Facebook thread of pets in need from MDAS. She is person who would always answer emails, phone calls or help anyone who came in to the shelter with questions about any of the pets in the shelter. On any given day she knew most of the 400+ pets at the shelter by name, could tell you about their medical condition, their histories and their personalities.
JJ is the one source of accurate and compassionate information at that shelter and the community is lost without her efforts to help the MDAS pets. Rescue groups and advocates cannot help the shelter pets if we cannot get information about them! Emails are not being answered. Pets are slipping through the cracks. Many pets never even have a chance to be rescued without her there.
The county eliminated her position to silence the voice of the pets. JJ refuses to give up on pets coming in with severe medical conditions, she gives fearful pets a chance and she fights to uphold strict ethical treatment, often clashing with other employees who do not follow such compassionate treatment of the shelter pets. During her time there, the euthanasia rate declined from 56% in May 2011 to 15% in December 2013.
The Herald even wrote an article about her proactive measures to help find homes by releasing the euthanasia candidate lists. Without JJ’s lists, all of those pets would have been killed, and because she spoke out to the Herald over 200 dogs were adopted that weekend. (

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