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NoToDogMeat fundraise for Romanian Shelter Baie Mare

NoToDogMeat supporters are keen to support Baia Mare Shelter in N.W Romania which provides, safety, food & medical treatment (sometimes dogs are admitted with severe injuries) to 74 dogs & is entirely funded by volunteers & occasional outside help.

Sadly the shelter cannot guarantee warmth to all 74 dogs because there is not enough room indoors for them all and it's -5 degrees currently!

The girls at the shelter want to build warm homes for all the dogs & take in another ...75.

The cost to rent the extra land is 200 euro's per month. NoToDogMeat has pledged to help & would love to raise around $2,500 (€1,500 ) if we are able.......

If you have any spare change in your pay pal account and are able to help, it would all go towards making that difference The first 300 euros will be sent this weekend. This is the money we raised from our xmas raffle

(As a UK registered Charity all donations from UK tax payers are eligible for gift aid).

Thank you. With the situation in Romania critical  your donation will save lives



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