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My friend Michael has been on psychotropic medications since he was 15 for varying diagnosis of bipolar, schizophrenia, conversion disorders and no drugs have worked. Instead of using non-toxic therapy, mental health/medicaid in Roseburg Oregon has chosen to switch drug to drug. Now at age 55 Michael is constantly sedated, has lost cognitive functioning, has shakes from tardive dyskinesia and is likely to die 25 to 30 years before his natural time because of these psychotropics. In addition because nicotine gives him a temporary high, he has smoked cigarettes to de-zombiefy and has developed COPD as have many folk diagnosed as "mentally ill." This combo is deadly to humans, but people smoke to get a moment unsedated. Mike is in adult foster care, in his case isolation with no out because of over-sedation. I've gone up against this burocracy and they slapped me down with a warning. So on to a better way for my friend.Thank you for your signing. Namaste

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