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As a Baltimore City Police Officer for almost 19 years that has served in the Southeastern District, Tactical Section-Mounted Unit, and now in the Northern District, Officer Kelly Steinhorn has seen countless instances of heartbreaking animal abuse. Officer Steinhorn has proudly served the citizens of the City of Baltimore, and is equally proud to have been an active and frequent volunteer at BARCS. In both capacities, as a police officer and BARCS volunteer, she has not only rescued neglected and abused animals, but has been a strong advocate for these pets that are unable to speak on their own behalf. Officer Steinhorn is committed to following her passion as a protector of all mistreated animals, so others may complement their families with an affectionate, faithful, and amazing pet like Pretzel, a pitbull mix she rescued and adopted three years ago.

Pretzel is a 4-year old female brindle pitbull mix. Pretzel is the survivor of severe animal abuse, as she was stabbed in the chest and throat several times. In critical condition, Pretzel was rushed to BARCS. Through generous donations from the Frankie Fund, excellent treatment, and a great deal of love, this beautiful dog was given a second chance at life.

It was through her dedication as an "emergency medical foster” that Officer Steinhorn discovered Pretzel to be an exceptionally loving and loyal companion. She rapidly realized that this dog was a one-of-a-kind pet, which made it easy for her to make Pretzel a part of her family forever. Through Officer Steinhorn’s hard work, passion, and commitment to the need to safeguard not only the citizens of Baltimore, but also the animals that are also a part of the fabric of this city, many families will experience the joy, warmth, and love of a once neglected and abused animal.

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