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Brother of Richard Speakman has applied for a pet shop license at Bentley Hall Farm. Please take immediate action to notify Bury Council that we DO NOT want a puppy farm in Greater Manchester. Please send the following message to Councillor David Jones, chair of the licensing committee [email protected] .

The decision is due to be made on Thursday 13th February!!


Dear Councillor Jones,

I would like to express my formal objection to a pet shop license being granted to Neil Speakman for Bentley Hall Farm.

Neil Speakman is the brother of Richard Speakman and the son of Jeffrey Speakman who were last year convicted of offences pertaining to the breeding of dogs without a license at the same property, Bentley Hall Farm, and banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

Bury Council have already demonstrated that they are unable to enforce the terms of a pet shop license at this property which eventually resulted in the removal of 137 dogs by police and RSPCA officials. These dogs were neglected, abused and psychologically damaged due to the failures of Bury Council. Many dogs lost their lives.

Due to these previous failings, I have no confidence that Bury Council will be able to ensure the safety and welfare of any animals bred or sold from Bentley Hall Farm. Additionally, as at least one of the close family members of Neil Speakman that as convicted of licensing offences and received a 10 year ban on owning animals both owns and resides at the premises, I feel it would be a contravention of the Court's orders.

Should a license be issued, I shall make formal appeals at the next stage.

I am supporting North West Action for Animals in their aim of making the north west animal cruelty and puppy farm free. I would like to see Bury Council supporting that aim and being an example of good practice. We no not want or need a puppy farm in Greater Manchester and therefore appeal to you to act in a way that protects the wishes of the public.

Yours sincerely,



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