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Dave McVeigh
Dave McVeigh donated

The year at Modus Operandi got off to a very busy start and we frankly had to dig in and get the work done. That said, we still have two main goals we want to achieve this first quarter of 2014. One is reach our goal of 10,000 USD in donations for the victims of typhoon. The other is to plan the right way to distribute what we still have in our accounts. We have very specific ideas on this subject, but they all relate to the fact that bottled water is no longer the immediate need. This is great news.

But we still want to maximize your donations with the funds we have left and the damage is so enormous that it's hard to know where to place our bets. These discussions are happening within the team and we probably will end up splitting the balance between northern Cebu province and Leyte. The focus will most likely be on water filtration systems or housing materials. The biggest need right now is building materials as the damage is so widespread, so we are measuring the best plan.

When it happens, you'll know it because you'll see footage and stills of the action.

Thanks again for your support and please spread the word. 10,000 (and beyond) would be a satisfying goal for what started as a small inter-office campaign.

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