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The only action required by the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, and President Jacob Zuma, to end this massacre is to restore the three sections of the fence, totalling approx. 50km. A total of 1,215 rhinos were killed in 2014. Between January and April 2015, the number of rhino lost to poachers is already 393, with the Kruger National Park remaining at the forefront. The vast park bordering Mozambique is home to the majority of South Africa's 20,700 rhinos, which are killed for their horns, used in traditional Asian medicine.The reason being, is that poachers from Mozambique are stealthily crossing over the border freely.........Why? In December 2002, the Presidents of South Africa , Mozambique and Zimbabwe signed a treaty to increase the habitat for wildlife and encourage animals to roam between the countries' nature reserves, which resulted in several areas of the 356km border fence being dropped.
Despite the appointment of an ex-army general to oversee anti-poaching operations, a new record is set each year in the number of rhinos killed as cash-strapped South Africans and Mozambicans join the lucrative trade.

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