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Comment now on USDA's site - No "Agent Orange" crops

We need your help in telling the USDA to stop Dow Chemical's "Agent Orange" crops.  Please add your own voice on the USDA's site about why it's a bad idea to approve the use of these chemicals on our crops.  You can use the talking points below as a guide.  After leaving a comment, please let us know by emailing organize@causes.com with a simple "I commented" so that we can keep track of the power of our campaign. 

Click on the link below to leave a comment (blue button on the top right) on the regulations.gov website.


Talking points:

  • Dow Chemical, the same company that brought us Dursban, Napalm, and Agent Orange, is now in the food business and is pushing for an unprecedented government approval:  genetically engineered (GE) versions of corn and soybeans that are designed to survive repeated dousing with 2,4-D, half of the highly toxic chemical mixture Agent Orange. 
  • Agent Orange was the chemical defoliant used by the U.S. in Vietnam, and it caused lasting environmental damage as well as many serious medical conditions in both American veterans and the Vietnamese. 
  • 2,4-D has been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems. If that wasn’t enough, industry tests also show that 2,4-D is contaminated with dioxins—often referred to as the most toxic substance known to science. In fact, EPA has reported that 2,4-D is the seventh largest source of dioxins in the U.S. More 2,4-D use will lead to more dioxins in the environment. 
  • Dioxin contamination in the rivers and soil around Dow Chemical’s headquarters in Midland, Michigan has led to the highest dioxin levels ever found by the EPA in fish, and has been linked to increased breast cancer rates in the contaminated areas.
  • Dow Chemical is hyping GE 2,4-D corn and soy as the solution to glyphosate-resistant weeds, but GE crop systems caused the “superweeds” in the first place. This is part of a growing problem, an escalating chemical arms race going on across America’s heartland. Like Roundup before it, 2,4-D is only a temporary solution that will require more and more toxic chemicals being dumped on our farms and communities, and into our food supply, leading to higher production costs, increased sickness, and greater harm to the environment. 


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