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​10-Point Wolf Update

10-Point Wolf Update

Bold Visions Conservation has met with key legislators to discuss Game and Fish Reform. From this has come legislation to audit elements of Game and Fishes Endangered Species Program.

We continue to write, speak out and expand our coalitions to end the mindless slaughter of wolves. In March, we will travel to North Carolina to meet with North Carolina groups working on protection of the Red Wolf and talk about coordinating for a more national voice on wolf protection.

We continue our efforts to secure funding for reforming Game and Fish and are currently working on a video production that will make the case for why this is important. We hope to begin meeting with groups and making presentations in New Mexico and would welcome an invitation from your specific group.

Protecting more land has always been a priority. From conceiving, hiring and managing two new wilderness areas for New Mexico ( Ojito and Sabinoso) to the creation of the Rio Grande del Norte and the soon to be Organ Mountains –Desert Peaks National Monuments, our fingerprints and voice have been decisive and experienced.

Thank you for your continued support!

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