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One Million PIBBLE March UPDATE!!

To all attending the PIBBLE March on
SATURDAY, MAY 3rd. The rally will be held on the WEST LAWN of the US CAPITAL. Doors will open at 12 noon. By "DOORS" we mean, there will be one entry point that ALL attendees will walk through. This point will be clearly marked. The rally will start at EXACTLY 12:30PM and will go for EXACTLY 90 minutes. 

Confirmed guest speakers thus far will be LEAH BREWER! Proud mom to ELLE the Pit Bull (Hero dog of 2013). Also ROO YORI has been confirmed. Roo is the proud father to the HECTOR-Vick dog-and the late great WALLACE. We are thrilled and honored to have them both.


-no merchandise or flyers from any group or persons are permitted to be sold or handed out at the event. No stickers, t-shirts, bracelets etc. This is event has been specifically permitted and insured and does not allow solicitations of any kind. 

 -no dogs are allowed. If you require a service animal, there will be an area designated specifically for service animals and their owners. This area will be clearly marked.

-There will be upwards of 100 VOLUNTEER MARSHALLS wearing bright orange shirts that clearly state VOLUNTEER MARSHALL. These amazing humans have volunteered their time to happily help you with questions you with any questions you may have or if you just need a good hug the day of the event. (Thank you to Stubby's and Baltimore Bully Crew)

 -Currently, we are building this event to accommodate 5000 people. This number can and will likely change. Could be far more. Could be far less. So please allow yourself enough time to get to the event in a calm and orderly fashion.

-Port O Jons-YES. We will be providing bathrooms for attendees.

FUNDRAISING -ALL t-shirt sales are going DIRECTLY to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation and ALL funds raised by the Foundation will be going directly to the march. The funds are NOT being added to the gofundme page because gofundme takes 7.2% and we need to avoid this fee. T-shirt sales have been amazing and are proving to be a key element in fundraising. That said, they WILL NOT cover the cost of this event. Pleas to donate continue because we are still $23,040.00 from the $40,000.00 gofundme goal. $40,000.00 DOES NOT cover the cost of this event. It is the minimum needed to make this event the best it can be. 

QUESTION-Will the rally happen if we don't raise the money? YES! ABSOLUTELY. Will we have more than 3 speakers and will everyone be able to see and hear? NOT SURE. This is an event of epic proportions and it costs. The bigger the event gets, the more guests, the more production, the more money it takes. Examples of production costs are clearly listed on the gofundme page and have been from day one. So...please consider donating what you can and continue to share the link.http://www.gofundme.com/One-Million-PIBBLE-MarchALSO....keep in mind...if (God willing) the amount of attendees doubles in size...we will need to continue to raise funds. 

Thank you for supporting this historical event. We are working TIRELESSLY at making this opportunity all it can and will be. Please share this update far and wide. Please continue to educate others and raise awareness. This is an exciting time and we are honored to be standing with you in this effort to end abuse and discrimination by being their voice.


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