Victoria Mita
Victoria Mita donated

Aureen was one of my very first friends, when I arrived in the Philippines last Spring. It was a joy getting to work with her and Tom as well! Not only were they incredibly supportive colleagues but they became true friends to me very quickly. Being my first time in the country, it meant so much to me, having some local friends during my stay and we have continued our friendship across oceans. I could not bear the thought of it, when I learned about the devastation that fell on dear Tacloban and the areas surrounding, when the Typhoon hit. I thank God all the time, that my friends are alive, but I hope all of our little bits can go a long way to give the support back to these incredible people. They have come out of so much hardship with a resilience and strength that is nothing short of inspiring. With lots of love and hope and prayers for you all, Xxxxx MASSIVE HUGS, V

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